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Fischer RC4 105 W MV BOA Vacuum GW

by Fischer
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RC4 105 MV is an outstanding performance boot that offers customizable VACUUM shell for ladies looking for a comfortable fit. New BOA® H+i1 system wraps the shell to every foot shape and the women's specific iFZ Performance liner to guarantee top performance at a playful 105 flex. The RC4 MV boots have developed with help of FISCHER Scan-Fit® data, providing an optimal fit for most female skiers.


Shells are moldable at 80°C through VACUUM and ZONE FIT process. Dynamic plastic that improves skiing experience, plus greater temperature stability and 15% less weight.

RD20 Race Canting

The lastest generation of race canting is designed to reduce the tolerance between cuff and shell of the boot, allowing for maximum power transfer and overall control. Available in 2 and 3 point asymmetrical versions to enable cuff alignment tuning.

Grindable Bootboard

Specifically engineered to allow boot fitters to easily modifiy the height and angle of the bootboard. Dimples on the surface of the bootboard provide a reference point so that bootfiters can control and standardize their handiwork.


PrimaLoft® Insulation is featured in all WS liners providing addtional warmth, breathability, and lightness--even when wet! Animals are protected as the synthetic insulation is vegan.

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