Fischer My Ranger 98

Fischer My Ranger 98

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Air Tec Ti gives you absolute stability and ease ‰ۡÌÝÌÕ with the added merits of a Carbon Nose and Aeroshape.

Easy-going on the climb
Women skiers who are all for making their way to the top will be rewarded: this ski is a particularly light, women's freerider which is ideal for summiteers. The ski's unique design saves an immense amount of weight which means more energy for the downhill after a climb.

Maneuverable in all terrain
With a width of 98mm the My Ranger 98 is the ideal weapon for the adrenaline rush of powder skiing. Thanks to its high maneuverability it makes its way through any terrain for breathtaking adventures.

Top stability in all terrain
Top technologies make for the extremely important factor of stability, which is crucial away from the slopes. With its Sandwich Sidewall Construction and special shape, no hill is too steep and no mountain is too high. This ski will take good care of you.