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Landyachtz Schooner Sine Wave Complete

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A long wheelbase cruiser board made in small numbers using a maple, fiberglass and epoxy construction. Born from the desire for a different style cruiser board that pairs a longboard feel, in a compact package. Available in two capable setup options, one for long fast cruises, one for sliding drifting around town. The Schooner doesn’t subscribe to a specific riding style, and will be a lot of fun in any situation you find yourself in. A unique design and an all-new board for 2023, the Schooner is truly a work of art, structurally and visually.

A longer wheelbase than most of our cruisers makes it more capable of riding fast. The snappy flex acts in multiple ways: it allows you to pump through your turns, and it dampens out vibrations on rough pavement, cracks, and debris. Flared wheel arches allow you to ride 72mm Plow Kings, the ideal option for long fast cruises. Also available with Fatties, which are great for everyday cruising, and freeriding. Setup with Polar Bear 130mm reverse kingpin trucks gives you a deep turning carve that is aggressive, yet controllable. We created something that gives you confidence in all types of terrain and is more fun to ride with a premium quality construction that provides a unique feel that makes cruising more fun!


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