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Inflatable Paddleboard Universal Fin Installation - Mountain Cultures

Inflatable Paddleboard Universal Fin Installation

Learn how to install the fin on your inflatable paddle board with the single fin application. Follow with our video.


Our example will use the Ionic Stand Up Paddleboard. 

How to do your universal fin installation:

  1. Fill paddleboard to 15 psi (or whatever the recommended PSI is on your specific paddleboard)
  2. Lay the board with the top side down to expose the fin box
  3. Take the pin and square nut off of the fin
  4. Slide the square nut into the channel where there is a square space cutout and slide to front
  5. Face the curved edge of the fin to the back and slide into channel towards rear of paddleboard.  You may need to tap it a bit as it slides to the back as it will start on an angle. 
  6. Take pin, line up with hole and square nut.  Align the fin where you want it and then tighten pin.  
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