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Pop El Capitan 11'6 Inflatable Paddleboard Package - 2024

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Prix d'origine $1,699.00
Prix d'origine $1,699.00 - Prix d'origine $1,699.00
Prix d'origine $1,699.00
Prix actuel $1,099.00
$1,099.00 - $1,099.00
Prix actuel $1,099.00


Estimated delivery date: May 28th to June 10th


Dare to take on any aquatic adventure with the El Capitan from POP Board Co.! This 11'6" inflatable paddleboard package provides unbeatable stability and a hefty 36" width for you to confidently conquer any body of water. From peaceful mornings on the water to sunny expeditions with your furry companion, the El Capitan is the ultimate companion. New to paddleboarding? No problem! The extra width offers a secure platform, perfect for those needing a little extra support. Plus, with a weight limit of 450lbs, you can bring along the whole family to share in the excitement. The El Capitan is more than a paddleboard; it's your ticket to endless possibilities of exploration and fun. So what are you waiting for? Don't just stand there, get out on the water and start paddling!


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