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Longboard, Skateboard or Cruiser Board:  Which is the Right Board For Me? - Mountain Cultures

Longboard, Skateboard or Cruiser Board: Which is the Right Board For Me?

Skateboarding as we think of it today was started by surfers in California when the desire to surf was high and the waves were low. This is where the term “sidewalk surfers” came from.

Skateboarding has come a long way from its inception in the '40's and 50's to decades later being a staple event at X games and recognized as an official sport in the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.





As the sport evolved so did the equipment. Never before has there been such an array of options when it comes to purchasing a board from Calgary Skateboard shop -  Mountain Cultures or your local skate shop so let us break it down for you in our comprehensive at-a-glance guide:


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Longboard Cruiser Skateboard
Wheels Large soft Large soft Small, hard
Movement Surfy feel, wide turns Smooth ride Stiff ride, tight turns
Stability High Medium – High Low- Medium
Surface area Large deck Medium deck Small deck
Travel distance Long Short Short
Tricks NO!! MAYBE YES!!

 Some other things to consider so that you feel confident in your equipment:

  • The biggest difference between boards is the wheels

  • Width: All boards range from 6.5 (small feet) to 8.75 in (large feet)

  • Length: skateboards 30″-32″, longboards 36″ and above, cruisers between 25″ and 37

  • TIP: Match the board to the size of your foot but go with whatever feels most comfortable to ride

  • Larger decks provide a more stable and smooth ride at high speeds

  • Smaller decks provide increased manoeuvrability, not stable at high speed

There is a reason that about 11 million people world-wide enjoy skateboarding on a regular basis. It is fun, affordable and anyone can do it!

Skaters who chose to ignore the ”no skateboarding” signs to pursue their passion for the sport turned out to be pioneers that paved the way for future generations. There is a pure joy in the sport that is difficult to suppress, they tried but skaters will skate!


Thankfully skateboard parks are now a common amenity in many communities. Cities and towns realized that skateboarders need to have a place to play where they weren't seen as trouble makers or law breakers but just kids (and adults!) who love to ride.










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