About Us


Mountain Cultures is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This location enables us to provide the best online shopping experience for both our Canadian and American customers and offer a lower tax rate for most Canadian shoppers as Alberta just implements a 5% GST charge. Americans can take advantage of our favourable exchange rate. We have a Bricks & Mortar store located in Royal Oak Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We also offer a full service/repair/tune shop for skiers and snowboarders if you are lucky enough to be a local Calgarian. 


Product categories we specialize in are ; Skiing, Snowboarding, Stand Up Paddleboarding, Skateboarding, longboarding and trampoline sales.





Jay Vaughan - President & Founder


Passion is one of the driving forces of success that awards superior athletes an ability to conquer their competitors. And passion is what drives me both as an athlete and as an owner of my business.

My competitive skiing career — spanning more than 15 years — has earned me worldwide recognition winning medals on the World Cup Circuit, Nor-Am Circuit, Europa-Cup, Continental Cups, Orage Big Airs, Kahlua Half Pipe Jams etc. Prior to this I was three times Canadian National champion in moguls for my age categories and all before my seventeenth birthday , when I was selected to the Canadian National team. Today, after 25 years of Competition, training and coaching at all levels in the sport, I will be focused on MountainCultures and sharing the love of the great outdoors. All of the sports sold at Mountain Cultures are what myself & my employees live for in our spare time. Ask us questions, we love to share our past and present adventures/experiences with our community of customers.


My promise to my fellow friends and customers is that MountainCultures and its merchandise will always embody my greatest passions: athleticism, quality, excellence and excitement.


Thanks for shopping at our store! We are always here to help.