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Ski & Snowboard Tune Up - DIY - Mountain Cultures

Ski & Snowboard Tune Up - DIY

Ski and board season is upon us! Having your equipment in optimum working condition will in turn deliver benefits on the hill like going faster, carrying speed through the flat sections and turning the ski or board with ease.  If you were lucky enough to give your gear some love with a full tune up from your favourite ski shop then great, you are ready to head to the mountains!! Most of us were eagerly trading in winter gear for flip flops when late spring arrived and may now be feeling ill prepared when retrieving gear from summer storage. Fear not friends! With our DIY guides and a few pieces of tuning equipment you can get your gear ready for the slopes in the comfort of your own home.

How to know if your skis/board needs maintenance?

There are 3 areas to investigate:

  • Base damage

  • Edges

  • Wax


Base Damage

Check out your skis and board for damage to the base in the form of scrapes and gauges. Rocks and logs hit on those less than perfect snow days will surely have left their mark. Nasty deep channels that expose the core need to be repaired by a shop technician and a base grind can remove any minor scrapes.  Smaller scrapes and dings can also be repaired at home. One more thing to consider are warped bases which are not always obvious to the untrained eye. Equipment that has gone through extreme changes in temperature, for example from -25C ski day to a hot car sitting in the sun can warp the bases. A base grind is recommended once a season to ensure a smooth ride. 

Tools for the job:

 Check out this short tutorial on base repair. 


Equipment put away wet and dirty can now show signs of rust on metal edges and there may also be evidence of small burrs and nicks. Minor edgework is easy to do at home but any major damage should be repaired by a service shop.

*Tip: After sharpening you should "de-tune" the tip and tail of the ski/board with a gummy stone to take the sharp edge off which creates a smoother turn.

Tools for the job:

In this video you will learn how to inspect, repair and sharpen your edges.


Typically as you pull out your skis and boards you will notice that the bases are super dry, partly in thanks to our climate. Waxing your boards will give you the ability to glide more easily. You cannot wax too often so at a minimum this should be done even if there is no other maintenance required.

 Tools for the job:

Pre-Wax Base Preparation -

In this video you will learn how to prepare your skis for optimum waxing results.


This video will guide you through the steps to waxing your skis and boards for a sooth ride.

Not sure? Pop by Mountain Cultures for some expert advice at no charge from our certified and friendly technicians.  Looking for tuning 

We carry all tuning supplies so you can maintain your gear and keep it mountain worthy at home. We also have a full service shop for any other tuning and equipment repair needs. We are your Calgary Ski Shop!

Shop Mountain Cultures full selection of tuning equipment







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