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Max Moffat


Age:: June 27, 1998

Hometown:: Calgary, AB

Top 3 Competition Results::

-2022 X-Games Silver Medalist - Slopestyle

-2021 World Cup Medalist
-1st Place Seiser Alm World Cup 2020

-Nor Am Golds and many more!

Sponsors:: Red Bull, Armada,  Caledon Ski Club and Mountain Cultures

What do you do:: Ski, Skateboard, Film, Wake Skate

Favorite Tricks:: Switch 5 Nose, Cork 3 Tail

Favorite Mountain:: Caledon Ski Club

Who do you session with the most:: I am apart of the national development freestyle skiing team so I mainly ski with that crew, and when I skate its with tom Nelner and some friends from Calgary

Plans for the season:: Follow the competition scene with the team and film fun/creative content for some projects throughout the year with Liberty skis, also go on some back country trips with Liberty. As well as film some skating throughout the next couple months with some friends from Calgary.


 Follow me on Instagram Here

Liberty Skis // Max Moffatt "Roots" from Liberty Skis on Vimeo.



Liberty Skis // Max Moffatt from Liberty Skis on Vimeo.


Max Moffatt Park Footy from Max Moffatt on Vimeo.






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