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MD Buddy Wooden Wobble Board (16' / 40cm)

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Now just standing around can be very productive. When you do it on the MD Buddy Premium Wooden Balance Board, you’re building exceptional strength and toning those core muscles.  

This stability board also enhances your co-ordination and greatly improves your balance, posture and agility. Standing exercises improve your glutes, back and abs – the areas primarily responsible for stabilization. Your ligaments, ankles, knees and other joints will gain strength and flexibility from back-and-forth, side-to-side, and rotational exercises. You can expand those benefits into your upper body with plyometric exercises performed in the prone or other positions.  

A wooden balance board is also great for proprioception – the awareness of your body in space – and specific workouts have been designed to improve the connection between mind and movement. All of the above make wooden balance board a beneficial exercise and training tool for athletes, seniors and those seeking to prevent or recover from injuries.  

The sturdy MD Buddy Premium Wooden Balance board is built to facilitate all these exercises and optimize their benefits. It features a durable plastic base, solid ¾” birch plywood board construction and non-slip grid tape on its surface to assure you absolute control of your movement.  

It comes in two sizes. The 20” (50 CM) diameter is great for beginner-to-intermediate users, while the 16” (40 CM) diameter provides, allows intermediate-to-advanced users to test their strength and balance against a steeper angle of inclination. 

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