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Bajao Cabin - SUP Tent

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 Bajao Cabin is a double-walled tent with air poles that can be strapped onto any SUP ranging from 10'6 - 14'0 feet. BAJAO Cabin allows you to extend you tour to two days or more, using your Board as a sleeping platform. No need for a camping mat if using an iSUP; no need to secure your board while you are sleeping.

Camp on the water

With BAJAO Cabin you can sleep on your board. Of course we can not recommend anchoring in a waterway or in the waves. But nobody would think of camping on the highway or on sloping ground.

Due to the two side pipes, the board with the tent is very stable on the water. The side pipes have a diameter of 15 cm, which means they widen the board by a total of 30 cm and give the board additional stability Nevertheless, for safety reasons, we recommend only anchoring in knee-deep, calm water .

Camp on the Board

You found a quiet spot on earth, lit a fire and made yourself comfortable with your friends around you. You have built a small “wagon castle” (or should it better be called a board castle?) 

With BAJAO Cabin you sleep on land on your boards. You don’t need more space than your board itself. 

And you don’t need to worry about how to secure your boards against theft.

Camp on your Car

You are on the road with the Sup and your car? BAJAO Cabin also works on your car roof!

Do you have the possibility to transport a board on your roof rack? Then you can use your board with BAJAO Cabin as a roof tent. You sleep on your car roof, on your board in your BAJAO Cabin!

Camp without SUP

Of course you can use BAJAO Cabin without board and sleep directly on the ground. It is an ultralight micro tent and to use it directly on the ground, the sidepipes are not inflated and the tent is guyed on the ground.
In that case, you just use the tent conventionally with a sleeping pad or air mattress.




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